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Thursday, November 18, 2010

How To Make A Babushka Felt Doll - Free Tutorial

Okay so its obvious that I really like Babushka Dolls - how can you not? They are beautiful little works of art. So here is another version that my friends like to call R2D2 Babushka Doll - shape is a little wonky, but hoping to improve it and try another one.

Here's how I did it:

Gather the following Tools

- Sewing Scissors
- Pieces of felt, fabrics, ribbons, any textures you like. I've used scraps from Environmental Shopping bags and wavy ribbon edge and some floral print fabric and purchased felt)
- Felt - I've chosen red, black, pink and tan. Choose any colours you like. Try to keep atleast one colour to hold the theme together.
- Needle to sew (I like to make these dolls handmade, but you can use the sewing machine if you like.
- Sewing string, I like to use embroidery string

Here's how YOU do it:

1) Find a few bits of coloured felt pieces - google a few images to get an idea of the overall design. 

2) Draw out the design - how you want it to look, the smile, the feeling you want to evoke when you look at the doll.

3) I wanted my Babushka to be 3d cylinder shape - I didn't really want just the flat felt dolls I've seen. This makes it a little trickier - but hang in there and you will get it.

4) Using some plain coloured 'base' fabric, use this to help you make the base shape, you can use a tall glass to guide you. Now Add the felt Apron over the top of your 'pretty' fabric, before you want to do a running stitch on the Babushka inside out, so when you flip her, it will be a seamless look. 

5) Make sure to all all the accessories (face, establishments) before you sew the entire body, otherwise it will make it difficult for you later. Stuff the doll with some old pillow fluff.

6) Once this is done, you need to create a round shaped flap for the bottom. I made mine from black felt. The felt is a bit heavier and will help the doll sit upright better. Sew close the ends.

And there you go, your very own hug-gable Babushka Doll. 


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