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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parramasala in Parramatta | Festival Girl Review

Festival Girl Rates: 4.5 / 5

What a fantastic event, I really can't praise this enough. As you all know by now - I love Creative Festivals of all kinds. It's not only the colours, yummy things to eat and fun entertaining things - but especially with cultural festivals, what you can learn from it. I really enjoy learning about all the different aspects that cultures have to offer.

Festival Girl Highlights:

Here are some pics from Masala Nights (obviously I went in the afternoon, a cloudy one at that.)

I only got to go to see ONE day of this fabulous week long Journey. To really get the best from this Festival, you needed to walk across the CBD to see all the great events on offer with lots of free entertainment, performances at the Riverside Theatre, Indian comedians at their finest at the Roxy and a day extravaganza at the Deepavali festival including cricket and outdoor cinema and of course cultural dances and singers.

 I ate some delicious butter Chicken and this delicious puffed bread thing that was to die for.

The colours children!

How cool is this giant statue, looks like he's made from Paper Mache' - My head only reached the tip of the metal Sword. 

Parramatta Town Hall up in lights

The Market Bazzar tent where lots of trinkets, Sari's and beautiful scarves were waiting to be picked up and given a new home

Let your senses guide you through the Masala Night Market!

For those who dared to ride the Rickshaw

I've had a fortune teller once tell me that in a past life, I used to be Indian and in love with an Indian Boy - that's probably why I love colours and textiles that the Indian culture celebrates. 

There were a  large variety of Indian inspired dishes and delicacies including Mango Lassi and fresh Coconut Juice, Mmmm. 

A Street Performer wandering around wondering why I was chasing him with an SLR

 I want to frame these and put them on my wall

Some artisitic posters of Bollywood star really shows how Bollywood influences Art.

Ruchi Sanghi Dancers perform at Masala Nights

The adorable little girl in a bright red mini Sari - Oh so cute

Take a look at the Parramasala Flicker Group page for all the images of the event - there are so many great images, wish I could have seen the entire event. Props to the photographer (or photographers on the night) 

Festival Girl Low Lights Masala Nights:

Not enough time to see it all. Since the event was split up across various locations across Parramatta CBD, this made seeing the entire festival a bit difficult for those who couldn't get around - especially when parking is so scare in Parramatta. Maybe some more intergration with the Parramatta Loop bus schedule have been intergrated into the programming.

I'm so disappointed that I couldn't go to the Deepavali Fesitval that I harped on about so much in my previous Parramasala post, so let me know if you went and want me to add some pics to the blog.

Dammit I Missed it?
Since this is the first Parramasala, I hope that this event will come around again next year, as it seemed like a smash hit. For more info about Parramasala, check it out here.

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