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Monday, July 12, 2010

How to paint your own Bubushka - Free tutorial

After weeks of staring at their blank little faces and collecting dusk, I decided to start on my next crafty project. I made the set below over a weekend. Well, I didn't exactly make it from scratch, but I bought the wooden blank bubbys from a store called Bubushkas and painted the set myself. This is my second set that I have made and is much much better effort than my first, so practise makes perfect. They are so delightful and really are a nice gift for all ages.

How I did it?
Approximate time to make: 6 hours (excluding drying)

- Acrylic paint
- White matt spray paint as base coat
- Thin paint brushes
- Pencil for outlining
- Rubber
- Gold paint for accents
- Clear gloss spray paint for final coat
- Steady hand

1) Make an even base coat using white matt spray paint - make sure these dry completely before painting over.

2) Do some research and google some pictures of bubushka designs and ideas. For my dolls, I decided to go with some pretty contrasting vintage colours with red and baby blue for the majority of the dolls, with touches of floral  motifs and pretty white lace look. Now, there are a ton of different styles and designs of bubbys that are available and really is only limited by your imagination. 

3) Once you've chosen a design that you would like to work with, sketch it on to some paper, to work out the body shapes and basic design - this way you avoid putting too many pencil marks which can messy when you start the painting process. Try to keep the design similar from the biggest to smallest doll, so there is continuity and a theme between them.

4) Once your happy with the basic sketch, I suggest painting starting with base colours and with the biggest portions to paint - the hood and skirt and apron and work toward the finer details as you go. Let the paint dry before continuing painting layers, as you dont want any messy lines.This way the lines stay clean, especially around the eyes. As the dolls get smaller, with a steady hand, work on painting on details such as flowers, swirls or make up for the face. The eyes and mouth are the most important features so keep it simple.

5) Add some flecks of gold for a decorative rich feel, it adds a subtle dimension to your dolls.

6) Once your dolls are painted and dried, add a final coat of clear spray paint to lacquer the dolls. This way the paint doesn't chick and smug easily and makes them last longer when people pick up and play with them.

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