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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Knitting Grandma

My BF's grandma loves to knit. She has spent her lifetime working as a seamstress; altering and fixing garments, knitting and designing lace, she is a truly talented lady. 

I would love to have all these talents under my belt. I really admire her as I really can't knit at all. I mean I can barely sew but in time, I of course, I am planning to learn. I bought one of those cheap mini sewing machines but the plastic burnt and I can't use it any more. 

Note to self: Buy a REAL sewing machine

My auntie is actually also a really talented lady. I loved playing in her wardrobe and seeing all the pretty things she had.

I really like this one; the print on this one is so intriguing and would really make an interesting vector image

I think all these blues are being combined to make a mega blue knitted blanket

Here is another one she has prepared earlier

I think I've lost count how many of these she has made over the years, but I hope one day maybe I can make a blanket like this - but first, I think I''ll aim to make a square or scarf first. I'll keep you posted.

Doe any one have any tips on how I can get started?

xox Love,

Festival Girl


1 comment:

  1. Oh how I wish I was this clever, just beautiful, You Tube have tutorials on crochet so you could try there for ones on knitting. Good luck with the sewing, I'm learning this year too x


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