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Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to make Art with Fruit

I came across this chef at my local Westfields Shopping Centre when I was procrastinating on having to do house work and decided to go shopping instead. This Chef/Artist easily drew a crowd with his exquisite creations that are too good to eat!

From what I can tell, this chef uses tools that are more commonly found in an art studio, inlcuding scalpel and carving tools, cutting mat and of course one hell of a sharp knife!

If this doesn't get kids interest in healthy fruits and veggies, what will?

As he carves fruit after fruit, the scene that begins to form is an exotic menagerie of exotic fruits and veggies, landscape and animals.

Wild horses running amongst a flurry of exotic birds

Pictured is a butterfly and delicate white stork sitting under a palm tree

What a beautiful Asian inspired Dragon face carved into a watermelon. As this is all hand crafted before the onlookers eyes, every stroke is intentional and there is so much thought and detail placed into each of these works of art.

This little guy was probably my favourite - an elephant made from carrots, amazing....

Some Koi inspired fish swimming in an underwater world

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