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Monday, June 21, 2010

Festival Girl Rates: Craft & Quilt Fair Sydney '10

Festival Girl Verdict: 4/5

I went to Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair on Friday and was a heap of fun. Although I have been to this event previously, I really got to have a good look this time and boy were my feet tired by the end... Luckily I had decided to put my huge backpack in the cloakroom - Best idea ever!

Your $16 daily entry ticket automatically gives you the chance to enter a competition to win a brand spanking new sewing machine! Walking in to the fair there is a huge sense of stimulation overload! With delightful colours and textures everywhere you turn, there is a fat square, jelly roll, scrap booking scissors and adorable softie at every corner looking back at you. I'm in heaven.

As you'd imagine, a fair of this size is very well organised. There are a great selection of craft circles that you can  during the fair, sit down and complete and take home a project (these have a separate fee and include the materials you use.) There are also a huge number of FREE workshops along one side of the pavilion that are timetabled with skilled tutors teaching you everything from how to create your own bag to how to be creative with your fabric offcuts. The classes are short 15-30 minutes workshops with some demonstrations. I'd advise to get in there early if you want a seat. 

These workshops are such good fun and a free way to learn and grow your crafty skills. These craft events are excellent sources of products as well as information and really good for all levels of craftiness. You will find people are passionate and willing to share their knowledge and hints and tips - all you need do is ask.

Festival Girl's Highlights of the Day:

Fairy Princess lady - You're truely a gem!

You are Awesome... and your little dog too...

Frances Ergen Designs -

I spoke to the founder Frances Ergen and how she came about turning her passions for textiles into her career. Her story is fascinating; after a plethora of relevant experience in the industry she settled in Turkey with her husband and went on to get more involved in both commercial & handmade projects with a social conscience. Her passion for hand made fabrics is obvious as she has developed supported the work of several co-operatives in India & Turkey - which gives locals skills and work. She has even recently created a specialized textile tour within Turkey. So if your in the neighbourhood, you can give her a buzz.

My favs - the felt animals hanging on delcate twigs, so cute you just want to collect them all.

Kelani - Check out the blog at

What isn't there to love about Kelani Fabrics? From the beautiful peacock inspired logo to-die-for fabrics, this is a place that you would want to start a tab at. Kelani fabrics are oh so pretty.

My fav would have to be make your own babushka pillow dolls! I want one!

Possibly the cutest thing ever - handmade puppies - I wish I could have a pink polka dot puppy

Material Obsession - Check out the blog at

Colour me happy - material obsession Obsession

Prints Charming - Check out the blog at

If you love perdiful fabrics, you may have seen this one in a few homeware magazines. A delicate birdy mobile kit - with hanging little prints charming birdies

Probably one of my favourite stores to just look at for hours. These Babushka's are the real deal and actually imported and made in Russia - with love. Last year for my best friend's birthday, I actually bought her the 'plain DIY' Babushka's they sell and actually hand painted it for her myself. She loved it so much because she said it was like no other one she had seen before.

Sock Monkeys - check it out -

These guys are adorable and made from humble socks, can you believe? Originally made from Rockford Red Heel® socks, these guys will bring a smile to your face.

Lowlights: Not enough time - I didn't even get to see Hall 3 with all the Quilt exhibitions and would be nice to be able to pre buy tickets online and get a tiny discount. But maybe I'm just nit picking :) 
$16 Entry (includes free entry to competition) 

Dammit I missed it?!
If you'd like to visit this event, it is happening in Hobart on 9 - 11 July 2010, next year 2011 in Sydney -check the website

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