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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Festival Girl Rates: Magnolia Square | Pop Up Shopping Delight


Festival Girl Verdict: 3.5/5

The Magnolia Square Event pop up shop extravaganza on Saturday 4th June - felt like the first pocket of sunshine in Sydney for ages! Held at Randwick Racecourse, the event housed in the elegant Oaks Marquee.

Nice to see all really good quality retailers offering their creative goodies. With an explosion of hand crafted gems - silly stuffed animals - beautiful fabrics - awesome kitsch items - unique items for bubs, it is always refreshing to see crafty dreams turn into really polished, good quality products that they can make a living from.

There is always so much to take in at these visual wonderland events. My advice - work in aisle lines and pick up, touch and look at things (if there is a sign saying not to, obviously don't do it). The best part coming to these events where talented small businesses can show there latest collections is being able to talk to the vendors, who are a lot of the times the designers or creators of that oh so cool bag or piece of jewellery that you just got to have.

Festival Girl Picks for the Event:

Festival Girl Highlights:

So french so chic - How do you say 'Excellent' in French?

Hunt and Gather - Oh so stunning and colour fabulous - Don't mind my drool, it's for Arts sake

Not a pro hunting group, but the cutest fuzzys this side of town. If all mosters look like this, I would have never been afraid as a kid

See, knots ARE useful

Angus and Celeste

...Even more stunning in the flesh, or should I say porclein?

Stop it! I can't stand the beautiufulness!

Koolaman Designs
So sleek - Love the live grass, beautiful touch.

Red Wagon

Build me a time machine to go back to the good ol' days

With a cool name like this, how can we resist? Why can't there be real multi coloured echidna's? Am I asking for too much?

Not a retailer at the show, but really wanted to mention - How cool is this wooden cutlery set!

Festival Girl Lowlights: No freebies... (Minus AWESOME cutlery) I guess it could count as a freebie.... Every good show should always have a cute keepsake - I guess its just business cards for me this time.

$8 Entry (includes parking, free raffle entry)

Dammit I missed it?!
If you'd like to visit this event, it is happening again in November '10 - check the website 

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