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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Festival Girl Rates: Supanova 2010 Pop Culture Expo

Festival Girl Verdict: 3.5/5
I went to Supanova Pop culture Expo on 20 June Sunday. For those of you who aren't from planet Geek - this is a essentially a pop culture convention where geeks come together to share their love for popular culture such as TV shows, Amine, Manga, Comic books, superheroes and of course the geekist and funnest part - COS PLAY

Yes I know this one maybe a little out of the crafty world sphere, but none the less interesting and v fun day. I got a peek at Eliza Dushku - for those of you playing tonight, she was Faith from Buffy the vampire slayer show and now from the TV show Dollhouse.

Check out the some crazy critters I managed to capture below:

Easily one of the best costumes of the day, the girl in red made her own costume, with matching red contacts, was a beautiful siren with a deadly appeal

What an Awesome costume - how the hell is he breathing?

Awesome, very realistic ala Resident Evil crew

The girl with the fan apparently took her the course of a few months to perfect her giant fan! Over a metre in length is a fantastic effort!

Loved this girls costume, so sweet looking - although its a costume piece, this is pretty enough to wear on a night out (for the very brave)

A bit hard to see, but the girl in purple had purple contact lenses - very freaky

Absolutely Adorable - Pickachu!

This Mario was FANTASTIC in the flesh, a true geek at heart, in an ode to 8 bit Mario

Life size Bender from Futurama - Could this day get any better?

Tru Blood bottles for sale (obviously, not REAL blood) but a Energy Blood Orange version of it!

$25 - $400 Entry (higher end price is for VIP entry)

Dammit I missed it?!
If you'd like to visit this event, it will be happening again next year June 2011 in Sydney - check the website for more info:

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