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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Festival Girl Up Coming Event: Parramasala | Australian Festival of South Asian Arts

The time is coming to head down to Parramatta for the first annual Australian Festival of South Asian Arts Parramasala. Commencing Across the first weekend of November, the city of Parramatta will be welcoming the vibrant celebration of talented artisans engaging in the traditions and innovations in South Asian arts. 

Running over a few days, there is plenty of time to organise an an hour, afternoon, a whole day to this exciting event. A lot of organsiation and planning has gone into the event and definetly looks like the place to be over November. The Day By Day Parramasala Festival Guide, allows you to plan your day accordingly -  whether it be experiencing dance, music performances, visiting the theatre, talks with cultural professionals and the most visually entertaining way to experiecne a culture and its traditions.

Festival Girl is excited about:

Masala Nights

Want to know what happens when Church Street gets a Masala Makeover? Over this time, 
the streets of Parramatta will be transformed. If you ever wanted to visit India, without hopping on a plane, here is your chance. Parramatta’s central thoroughfare will be transformed into a living canvas full of light, sound, colour, flavour and fragrance that will delight and inspire. From late afternoon each day, a rich program of dance and music from local community and international artists can be seen on the outdoor stage as well as at Mars Hill Cafe
experience the fun and free entertainment

 I met Poh from MasterChef yesterday at her Dymocks Book signing where I of course bought her book and got it signed. I was so star struck, all I could manage to mutter was 'your book is nice'.... Sigh

Continuing on the Masterchef theme, the Masala Nights Market will be launched on Thursday night by MasterChef’s Jimmy Seervai. Come and get some Cheese Nan and Somosa's as you dine along Church Street - there will delicious treats from Sri Lanka, Nepal and India, including freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and authentically brewed masala tea. This will definitely be Parramatta at its spiciest.

Fun bits to look out for:

  • Free performances on the outdoor stages will include the world renowned Australian duo, Dva
  • A beautiful roving elephant puppet created by Erth
  • Traditional caste musicians from the Indian state of Rajasthan
  • A wide range of local South Asian dance and music artists including tabla and sitar musicians Yama Sarshar and his father Ustad, classical Hindi singer Archna Goswmani, Ruchi Sanghi Dance Company, Sankha Ridman Dance Ensemble, Thrayee School of Dance and many more.
On Saturday, the regular Town Hall Square Farmers Market will spill over into Church Street with a South Asian twist of flavours.  
Make Masala Nights on Church Street the place to start your Parramasala experience before heading off on a short walk to see a fantastic ticketed performance at any one of the festival venues across the city.

Deepavali Fair 2010


There is nothing I love more than seeing a culture and its tradition celebrate and come to the people. The Deepavali Fair happens to cooincide with Parramasala this year, one of the most significant annual festive occasions for people of Indian origin all over the world. The Festival of Lights will be celebrated with the Deepavali Fair at Parramatta Stadium
Each year the festival is celebrated on New Moon day of the Hindu month of Karthik. 

Deepavali started as a celebration of when Lord Ram returned to his kingdom of Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. His people lit earthen lamps to welcome him home in the dark night of the new moon. Literally translated from Sanskrit as String of Lamps, Deepavali continues to this day as a festival of joy and celebration where sweets, gifts, fireworks and illumination always play a major role. I can't wait to check it out!

Fun bits to look out for:

  • Come along and enjoy delicious food stalls, decorated Indian Bazaar, jewellery and gift stalls, music and dance performances, Indian henna and tattoo demonstrations, face painting, puppet shows, and unique displays of Indian floor decoration.
  • The parade of the 40-foot high Raavan effigy, complete with pyrotechnic effects and culminating in a spectacular fireworks display at the end of the day.
  • Attend our free 20x20 Cricket Match at Old Kings Oval, and then spend the rest of day at Deepavali, before catching an evening show at Riverside Theatres, presented by the Hindu Council of Australia
Parramasala Event Details:


2 - 8 November 2010
Till 10:30PM


Various Locations 


Free - POA
Check out the official site for more specifics for dates and venues


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