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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Festival Girl Rates: Chalk Urban Art Festival

Festival Girl Verdict: 4/5

On a beautiful (overcast day) I head out to Parramatta, Church Street, to be exact. My favourite kind of environment; smiling people, creative inspired stalls and small businesses and delicious and exotic food to eat. Focus - Chalk Art first, Food second. Strolling down the promenade, the chalk Art pieces start to emerge. 

Festival Girl Highlights:

This year's theme is a soulful tribute to ‘The Blues’ -  open to interpretation – music, colour, environment, emotions

This piece by Brian Tisdall really jumped out from the canvas - striking colours and beautiful depth, a real  contender

Artist Arto Heino didn't want to stop the creative process as the sprinkles started to drop and reluctantly took his nostalgic work of blues legends work under cover.

Looking at Edd Aragon's work, listening to the amicable funky Blues band walk up and down the streets playing with joy made this work really sing

Zachary Craig's vibrant work really stood out and really put you in the moment

The colours of passion come alive through the medium of chalk

My personal favourite was Luke Marcatili's about the singing Spanish man - the colours were so beautiful, alluring and intriguing, I couldn't keep my eyes off of the work

Here is Luke's final version of his work that he has kindly provided from his blog

Another of my favourite works of the event, Ala Paredes Abyssa de la Mer piece was so intriguing and mesmerizing

Arts teacher Vishwanath Panchal created a worm hole portal allowing Parramatta to experience the beauty and extravagance of the colour infused Indian culture 

Rudy Kistler's work drew a crowd - seeing the faces of people smiling and passers by randomly taking pictures with their phones was delightful is always a really wonderful sight to see. 

Anton Pulvirenti's work had beautiful craftsmanship - each stroke was delightful to witness

Like Pied Pipers, this Blues Band paraded up and down Church Street luring passersby to come take a gander and experience Art

The event features a pavement chalk art competition where “Kids Take Part in Art” featuring a giant Parramatta Eel and other fun workshops. 

The River Wise Mural - designed by children teaching the future about recycling and up cycling recycled materials  to represent all the things that shouldn't be appearing in our rivers.

Last year’s winner, Bondi's Leeanne Ricci gleamed from ear to ear with her piece, "Urgent Attention: Kevin Rudd" and is back again with her new work.

The winner will be announced tomorrow so be sure to go along to see the works be finalised and ofcourse, who is this year's winner of MasterChef... I mean, 
Champion Pavement Artist of 2010.

Festival Girl Lowlights?
The Rain - typical Sydney weather behaviour with 4 seasons in one day. Wanna know a little secret - All the chalk works are drawn on canvases which means in case of emergency they can be moved out of the way. After all, it would be a shame if all that work and effort would get ruined.

Dammit I Missed it?

For more information and to see and vote for the artists attending Chalk Urban Art Festival 

******The Winners have been announced*****

Champion Pavement Artist & winner of the People’s Choice Award was Jenny McCracken, Anton Pulvirenti took out 2nd prize and Brian Tisdall won the ISS Security Guards’ Choice Award.  Ala Paredes was awarded Best Novice and Justin Feuerring the Encouragement Award for his creative use of chalk in his portrait of Muddy Waters. Take a look at the video to see all the action of the day.

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  1. Hi Festival Girl,
    Thanks a lot for supporting the festival and the artists. Thanks especially for your vote to win the comp, I'm glad you liked the piece! I've updated my blog with a few progress shots if you want to take a look.


  2. Hi Festival Girl,
    You are wonderful for coming, reporting and meeting the artists of the Parramatta Chalk Festival this year. I know the artists need all the help they can get to stay active in this field, there is no monetary paycheck for all our hard work, there can be only 1 winner. Your blog helps to promote our artwork, I say thanks again.

    Regards with gratitude Arto


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