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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Festival Girl Rates: Night Noodle Markets 2010 Festival presented by Crave Sydney International Food Festival

Festival Girl Rates: 3/5

Love Asian inspired food? Yes I hear you say! Well the Night Noodle Markets is where it is at. Presented by the Crave Sydney International Food Festival, The Night Noodle Markets will not be here for much longer, I went last week and had a ball. 

Festival Girl Highlights:

Let the warm spring night take you away with over 40 tantalising food stalls including Asian and Middle Eastern Cuisine, Asian Cultural entertainment and or those who love to wine and dine, there are three bars. I went after work with a girlfriend and the weather was great (except for a few sprinkles, thanks Sydney weather.) 

Festival Girl Lowlights:

We stuffed ourselves with Salt and Pepper Calamari and octopus ($18),  4 Satay sticks ($2.50 each), prawn stick ($2 each), delicious Peking duck pancakes (could have used some dipping sauce) ($5 for 3), sang chow bao lettuce cup ($5 each), Lemonade drink with Mint ($5) with NO ice, can you believe it? Tasted like drinking lemon flavoured detergent then to wash it all down some Poffertjes - but don't you dare ask me how to pronounce it - Perfutjeuses? Porfegueous? Anyway, they are those little mini Dutch pancakes that you can get Maple syrup ($12 for tweleve, extra for strawberries and cream), not really cheap but damned near impossible to resist. There is only one way to describe it, how do you say yum in Dutch - oh, how disappointing, the Dutch word for YUM is, Yum...

Cutlery - I don't know why I have such a soft spot for cutlery, especially when its environmentally friendly. All disposable cutlery was provided by 'BioPak,' who provide carbon neutral, plant based and compostable cutlery saving the Earth one fork at a time.

Moving on, Looks like CityBank were sponsoring the event, so flash your card and you can get into the restricted bar area with a million twinkle lights sparkling above you. If you don't, it doesn't matter, there is an entire city with real stars to spend the night under.

Fesitval Girl Lowlights:

Light drizzle made the ground muddy - bring an umbrella.
No Chairs - get there early if you want a seat. 
A touch expensive? So bring lots of cash. I think with some smaller 'sample' options, this would give budgeters more of a chance to taste more foods, not get too full and still have some change in their pockets for the trip home. 

Opening Times
Oct 11-15 and 18-22 5pm-9.30pm Weeknights

Mon 11 Oct to Fri 22 Oct

Hyde Park. Corner of Elizabeth St and Park St

To download a map of the Night Noodle Markets, including a list of all stalls click here or for more details

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