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Monday, October 25, 2010

Festival Girl Rates: Art and About 2010 Review

...On my way to the Night Noodle Markets, I stumbled on Art and About: An artistic presence that resonates through Hyde Park. Infiltrating all aspects of Sydney life, Art and About has taken over laneways, parks, galleries and spaces across the city. I love when Art is about to enter the public space - there is something so interesting when a piece of Art is intriguing enough that even a yawning worker in the rut of their 9 to 5 working day and can escape for a second and experience Art and life from a different point of view.

Below are snaps of some of my favourite works of the day:

Jenny Templin, 'Carmen, Elizabeth Street.'

Tom Williams, ' The Osman family'

Kelly-Ann, 'Donna'

Beborah Clare / Veronica West, 'Sydney Harbour Sunday'

Tamara Dean, 'The Pack'

Paris Spellson, 'Bondi Beach Local'

James Hill, 'The Five Ways Theatre'

Lynn Smith, 'Blue Man'

Ernest Fratczak, 'Based on a True Story'

Geoff Harvey, 'My Shed in St Peteres - A Self Portrait'

I also managed to stumble on the Sydney Statues Project, where historic Queen Victoria statue got a 21st century makeover, as artists and costume designers unleash their imaginations on the statue and make passsers by squint and ask, 'is the Queen statue really wearing those colourful clothes?'

The official run-down for the Art and About Event for 2010:

Art and About 2010 Launch, Thu 23 Sep, 6-9pm, Hyde Park North.
Sydney Life, Thu 23 Sep-Sun 24 Oct, Hyde Park.
Live Green House, Thu 23 Sep-Sun 26 Sep, Hyde Park.
Banner Gallery, Thu 23 Sep-Sun 24 Oct, Around Sydney.
Sydney Statues Project, Thu 23 Sep-Sun 24 Oct, Around Sydney.
The Bike Bike, Thu 23 Sep-Sun 24 Oct, Martin Place.
Oh Alfred! Thu 23 Sep-Sun 24 Oct, Prince Alfred Park.
Camp Stonewall, Thu 23 Sep-Tue 1 Mar, Taylor Square.
Laneway Art: Are You Looking at Me? Thu 23 Sep-Mon 31 Jan, Around Sydney.
ArtPark, Fri 24 Sep-Sun 26 Sep, Hyde Park.

Some other events you might want to take a look at:

Primavera 2010, Thu 19 Aug-Sun 21 Nov, Museum of Contemporary Art.
In the Balance: Art for a Changing World, Thu 19 Aug-Sun 31 Oct, Museum of Contemporary Art.
Blake Prize 2010, Fri 3 Sep-Sat 2 Oct, National Art School.
Dream Home, Fri 3 Sep-Sat 9 Oct, Australian Centre for Photography.
Escapade, Thu 23 Sep-Sun 24 Oct, Gaffa Gallery.
Romance, Thu 23 Sep-Sun 24 Oct, Forbes and Burton.
Pine Street's Annual Students Exhibition Fri 24-Sat 2 Oct, Pine St Creative Arts Centre.
The 45th Annual Portia Geach Memorial Award, Fri 24 Sep-Tue 9 Nov, SH Ervin Gallery.
The Big Draw, Fri 24 Sep-Sat 25 Sep, National Art School.
Sydney Children's Festival, Mon 27 Sep-Sat 9 oct, CarriageWorks.
Namatjira: The Next Generation, Tue 28 Sep-Sat 16 Oct, Birrung Gallery.
Open Weekend at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sat 2 Oct-Mon 4 Oct, Art Gallery of NSW.
Much Lead, Sat 2 Oct-Sun 10 Oct, Object Gallery.
We Craft This City, Sat 2 Oct-Mon 10 Oct, Object Gallery.
FBi's Still Life 2010, Fri 8 Oct, Art Gallery of NSW.
The Engine Room, Fri 8 Oct, Object Gallery.
Streetscape Animation, Fri 8 Oct-Mon 18 Oct, Firsdraft.
The Imagine Festival 2010, Fri 8 Oct-Sun 10 Oct, Cleveland St Theatre.
Sydney ARI Tour, Sat 9 Oct, meeting location TBA.
Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom, Fri 15 Oct-Sat 20 Nov, Australian Centre for Photography.
Nikon-Walkley Photographic Exhibition, Fri 15 Oct-Sat 30 Oct, Australian Centre for Photography.
START Studio Art Fest, Sat 16 Oct-Sun 17 Oct, Around Sydney.
The Hole Thing, Tue 19 Oct-Sun 24 Oct, TAP Gallery.
In Light of a Moon, Thu 21 Oct-Sat 23 Oct, Hyde Park North.

Although Art and About is over now, if you would like to see more abuot the artists or their works, take a look here.


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