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Friday, June 17, 2011

Supanova - Sydney | Pop Culture Expo Preview


It's that time of year again...Supanova 2011 is almost upon us.

If you have plans for this weekend, cancel them, and if you are planning on attending, then tell your other friends to cancel their plans and come along...No, I'm not being paid to endorse Supanova, however, I think it's just a really fun event for festivalgoers. How can an event about aliens, vampires, monsters, demons, creatures, mutants, robots, superheroes, tv and film stars be boring?

Get your glomp on - but dont forget to ask

Get into Cosplay - get creative and dress up as your favourite character! 

If you do love the cooky world of science fiction, still collect cards/comics/toys/transformers (it's ok, this is a safe place) or can't stop drawing anime characters - then Supanova will help you celebrate your passions. 


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