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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mamre Harvest Festival Orchard Hills

Festival Girl Rating: 9/10

Since I was in the neighbourhood in Penrith area from the Banks Bazaar, I decided to swing by the Mamre Harvest Festival Orchard Hills at the historic Mamre Homestead. I actually love festivals like these that are focused on local produce,  organic food and handmade goods. It's lovely to see families farming and creating things they love and going to people who really appreciate it and taste the difference.

Speaking of which, with 5 or 6 stalls selling homemade Jams side by side - I wish I could buy the all. However, one definite stand out was the Jumbleberry jam from Doolan Country Jams and Chutneys.  Apart from winning some local awards, this jam is possibly the best jam I've ever tasted. With real blackberries and other sorts of berries, its like dying and going to berry heaven.

With a $3 gold coin adult donation, all proceeds raised from the Festival will go towards supporting the Mamre Project. Hooray! There were also pony rides and even owls to see. No fooling, real life owls that you could take pictures with them for price - hence why I couldn't really take photos of them for you. As well as that, there was a great choice of gourmet food, wine and produce stalls, craft stalls, live entertainment, cooking demonstrations, Mamre scone competition and amusements for the children, animal farm, face painting.

Festival Girl highlights: 

I want candy!

Kelliegus Lane and Friends present pleasant fabrics, blankets, cushions and more

Sheep say Ba and Pigs say Oink!

Feminine and funky

Oh handmade floral bags - cute

This flag string would look so adorable at a little girl's princess birthday party and be something she could treasure forever

Bubushka on a string, I see you

Bubushakas galore

Ah, so this is where all the bears in Australia come to sleep?

I do.

Lovin' the psychedelic colour overload

Little big planet monsters!

OMG - they are invading. Seriously, I think the biggest pile of toys I've ever seen.

Some special treats from the nice folks Jim and his wife from Well Fed Pets. I couldn't resist buying some for my pooch - oh and yes, he did love the roo!

Jerky for dogs? Ruff!

Llamas like from Emperor's new groove! I had the breeder talk for 10 minutes about facts about Llamas...Apparently, it's difficult to catch them with their ears up - so lucky me apparently learning to use a loom takes years and years to master. Dammit.

How cute is this idea from LampScapes. Basically they are hand painted glass globes that you can put candles or light globes in and glow and decorate your room. 

In a range of sizes from tea light candles to lamp size - so original

The team from  LampScapes

Ooh and some jewelery as well

The colours of the season changing - precious

Costa from Costa's Garden Oddessey on SBS took the time to teach the kids about composting demonstrations and all the good things that you can do with 'Poo'

Tea cosies warming up for winter from We Only Do Delicious

One day I'll make a tea cosie for myself...

Jams, my achilles heel....Mmmm

You could say these are, red hot

The gentle breeze on the hill side

I adore this Indian Queen scarecrow - I definitely have never seen a scarecrow look so good

All in all, a very enjoyable day. With loads and let me emphasise, loads of parking - this is a fantastic place to take the kids, take a walk with loved ones and enjoy the local scene. 

DATE: Sunday, 22nd May 2011
TIME: 9.30am to 3.30pm
VENUE: Mamre Homestead, 181 Mamre Rd, Orchard Hills. Orchard Hills is located 56 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD in the City of Penrith.

Hope you can make it along next year.

xox Love,

Festival Girl


1 comment:

  1. Thank you Kat AKA festival girl Just love that!! I am so glad you loved our jumbleberry jam it's also our favourite. Our grandkids have it on white bread to make it easier the sort out the berrys.
    Pam & Paul Mckinlay
    Doolan Country Jams & Chutneys


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