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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Rocks Markets By Moonlight | At The Rocks - Review by Festival Girl

Festival Girl Rates: 6.5/10

A few Friday's ago, one of my girlfriend's and I decided to wander down to the Rocks Markets by Moonlight at The Rocks in Sydney for an evening of food, fun and a night on the town. Maybe it was the yummy seafood Gyoza or chocolate covered strawberries in my belly, or the excellent company of a friend, but I had the best nights for a long time. 

My night started by waiting for my friend at Circular Quay, where this guy was entertaining. I see you're saying, okay, a guy is ballroom dancing, big deal? Well, look closely at his female partner - Yah, thats right, she's a doll. And yep - she's attached to his shoes. Apart from being a little freaked out at the beginning - he, I mean they, were actually very entertaining.

Ah Pah-ree - We we... Ok, so not really Paris, but if you squint hard enough this looks like the scenery of a beautiful European street

Soon enough, day becomes night and the real fun begins. Did someone say cocktails - No? Ok, maybe I'm hearing things, but I managed to get some yummo ($12) cocktails - that apparently required the purchase of an (average/overpriced) salad in order to buy one - oh well, at least I got a yummy drink to kick the night off. 

So many lights, so pretty - bring on the Christmas lights

Festival Girl Highlights:

Ruby and Crickette was adorable - handmade yet affordable. Originally named after her two children, Ruby and Crickette offers some beautfyl handmade pieces where no two are alike. Ah my fav. Her designs are beautiful and I adored some of her other rings that featured miniature crockery and Rosey rings. Just found this one on the website, Vintage Peacock Locket Bangle - I think I am in love. If you like what you see, Ruby and Crickette is trading every SAT & SUN at The Rocks Designers Markets 9am til 5.30pm…

This is one of the cuties I picked up from Ruby and Crickette.  It is a precious handmade foam bird ring ($5). It was made in so many colours, I couldn't resist the traditional blue bird colour. My girlfriend actually bought a handmade black and red fascinator and red flower clip that she wore to her work Christmas dress up party in the style of the Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts.

It is extremely fragile and I am yet to wear it, but I cant stop staring at it and decided to take some pictures in its naturally fitting habitat - a vintage inpsired bird cage. Hey, she's my birdie and she will live in style. 

This painting of this colourful strokes of an autistic artist Ping Lian Yeak. Originating from Malaysia and now living in Sydney Australia, Ping's striking paint strokes are works of Art.

His story about his artistic abilities is so inspiring. The original painting titled ' Prosperous year I ( Rooster)' Ping painted when he was just 11 years old. It was so beautiful that I just needed to have it, so I opted for a card edition. Maybe one day, I'll save up some money to buy one for myself. I love the display of playful colours representing the beautiful display of rich Rooster feather colours and masculine display.

A Christmas tree made of bicycles - You all know how much I love when recycling meets Art meets cycling... Ahem, lame joke? Yes, well, moving on.

FREE Cocktails... Yummo, Smirnoff premixed cocktails rock - my favourite is Pomegranate Martini

Lady Gaga inspired meets Cirque de Soleil meets Britney Spears Circus album, performers at the Rocks Market entertain us

The night ended up at the Lowenbrau with some beers and giant pretzels - unfortunately, no pictures of the rest of the night, I guess it got a bit fuzzy after this point. But it really was a perfect evening really.

If you'd like to visit the the Rocks Markets by Moonlight, the markets will be running every Friday until February. Don't miss it.

Love, Festival Girl xox


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