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Monday, January 24, 2011

Trading Art Card Project - Preview By Festival Girl

I can't seem to find too much information on the Trading Art Card Project, however, I absolutely love the concept. So what's supposed to happen is Artists of all kinds join in, put their Art on playing cards, to create miniature works of art created on 64x89mm card stock. They are all originals and self produced and the best thing is, anybody can produce them. So each Artist can exchange and can have a tiny piece of art from their fellow Artists - get it. Cute isn't it.

This actually reminds me of my University Graduation catalogue. We decided to scrap the idea of having a normal bound book of each students blurb and image about their final piece, and place all that information and printing them on to playing cards and encased them in a perspex box. This wasn't really everyone's cup of tea, but I loved the idea. and being poor Uni students, actually saved us A LOT of money in printing.

I got these from the Love Vintage Show. I think they are the jokers from a pack of cards.

Where: Barratt Galleries5 Bugden Avenue, Alstonville, NSW, 2477
When: Daily from 14 Dec 2010 until 30 Jan 2011
Price: Contact venue for details

As this one is a little out my travelling circle, please let me know if you attend and I'll put up your pics. This is a really clever idea and would love to see this come to Sydney.
xox love, 
Festival Girl


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