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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rozelle Markets | Review by Festival Girl

Festival Girl Rates: 7/10

On my recent trip to the hairdresser, I decided to head to the Rozelle Markets in Rozelle. It was a beautiful Saturday and hot as all hell. 

One of my favourite things in the world is to go to markets. 

It's not only free entertainment and a chance for some good exercise, for me, it's a thrill and a bit of excitement as you never know what you will find. 

I really relish the concept of finding something old, discarded and unwanted and becoming something valued and given a second life. 

As I was nearly about to pass out from the heat, I decided to take a breather and enjoy my mango gelato. Nom nom nom

So many colours

A local band serenades the passers by

Loved the buddha scarf hanging in the background

I am the biggest fan of kitsch items; especially vintage home items and toys. Toby the robot walks and moves it's head and arms. I can just sit and stare at these kitschalicious things all day.

Tandy made robots? Who'd a thunk it. Robie Junior Robot was probably before my time, but reminds me of Flight of the Conchords track but The distant future, the distant future...The humans are dead...

I found a cute designers Mollusc Design. They (really) make unique, handmade jewellery. I mean, everyone claims their pieces are different, but these guys are. I love the sense of fun, playfulness in the pieces, using found objects and up cycling them into fashionable statement pieces.

Also I noticed Linda Natalie Jewellery and Design with her bold pink colour scheme, is a small retailer working on growing her brand. She mentioned she displaying her jewellery at next week's Young Australian Designers Markets in Paddington which should hopefully give her the exposure she is after.

This stall was so cute, I ended up buying two bags for $10. 

I've always wanted a silver glomesh clutch. I've resisted the temptation in buying ones from retailers as I have been after a vintage one. Finally, I have found. A Whiting and Davis dating back a few decades.Yay. And for only $5.

I am a sucker for multicultural clothing and costumes. I love these old postcard style images which are actually old Advertisements selling all sorts of things like cigarette, shoes and tea. I'm going to frame these ones. Here is a really great site for digitally remastered versions.

Looks familar, doesn't he?  He very closely resembles the logo for Nandos. I love all things hand painted, wooden and Roosters - so, I knew I had to have him when I saw him. I shall call him, Nando.

This is a Spanish dancer doll I also obtained for a few dollars.

 She is actually really tiny, about 15cm tall only. She is detailed though, delicate lace, gold hoop earrings and tiny red dancer shoes.

For all you budding photographers, here is a great chance to show your skills

I'm kicking myself for not bringing my SLR along, but if you are a keen photographer the Rozelle markets are having an amateur Photographic competition. With the 1st prize being $500, all you need to do is best capture the colour, character and creativity of the Rozelle Markets. The competition finished 16th January, so hurry.

xox Love, 
Festival Girl


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  1. omg! i'll go to rozelle markets tomorrow (for the first time!) can't wait!


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