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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sydney Craft Expo 2011 Rosehill Racecourse | Review

Festival Girl Rates: 8.5/10

The Sydney Craft Expo is over for another year, but what a fun, craft filled event it was. Organised by Expertise Events, they are the same organisers as the Quilt and Craft Fair and conveniently organised a free shuttle bus from Parramatta station every half hour. There was even heaps of parking.  Having signed up to the event's craft VIP club entitled me to receive $5 off the normal $15 daily adult price and also entitled me to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the 'public' (Although, I didn't take advantage of this as I accidently slept in and arrived at 11am.)

The Expo featured a number of scheduled seminars, make and take workshops and the opportunity to experience the very fun, Clothes Swap (where I was nearly trampled by 20 clothes-crazed women). There were live demonstrations of the Sydney Woodturners Association as well as a demonstration on how to make Art from napkins.

I managed to catch Liz Colledge from Punch with Judy at the discovery desk covering quick tips for making bags using accessories and hardware. Also, I took an hour off my tired legs and watched the Katkins Cloth Doll Seminar and was fascinating to see how Karlene Atkins creates her dolls of Art. 

I was curious to try the Posh Bangles from Posh Pendants make and take session for $30, but I ran out of time. The Textstyle display of the best Year 12 textile major works were on show (unfortuntely, it was strictly no pictures policy, sorry guys) Some of the works are so serene in imagination and skill; I can barely sew a skirt.

And on top of all that, there was even a relaxing performance from a Peruvian pan pipes performer. For those after a sugar fix, yummy waffles and pancakes were available and also lots of rest stations for bored husbands and yawning boyfriends who have been dragged along to a another craft expo. 

Festival Girl Highlights:

The clothes Swap rules - Ladies, no fighting!

Clothes Swap was so much fun! I was trying to photograph as well as rummage. 

The Lovely Lynette showed off her felted gems. Want some felt, contact her here 98749479.

What a sweetheart! Scrapmatts. Check out the cute facebook page here.

Beautiful Babushka's from Bubushka Heaven

How cute is this owl from Kraft Kingdom. I am in love... 
...and did I mention cute bags too..
Patchwork with Gail B fabrics makes the cutest animal and babushka patterns

I heart fat squares and Patchwork with Gail B

I adored the wooden lighthouse with working revolving light

Kiddy fabric aprons from Studio Mio - Let's get baking

Wall Kitty pattern from Studio Mio

Yazzi stall was a new stall for the event. I've always wanted to see a stall that appeals to the colourful, texture eye candy of Indian inspired textiles. You can contact them here: 03 98999990.

Thank you Pitt Trading - I took so many wonderful images from your stall as you can plainly see, delicious shabby chic stall.

Oh, the bohemian Indian scene with hibiscus flowers contrasts so beautifully with the Victorian charm of lace and doilies.

It feels like I've stepped into the past. 

Baby blue board, white coiled distressed easel and dainty crystal brooches

I adore this birdy print - visual wonderland
Ostrich feathers and cups of tea, ostentatiousness decor

Vintage Buttons! 

Roses and vintage plates on walls, ribbons and lace

Festival Girl Lowlights:

There really weren't too many lows the Craft Expo that I could mention, it feels like in the previous event in the same location, there was an upstairs area that had more stalls and activities to look at. So it looks like it maybe a little bit smaller than previous. 

CraftExpo is happening across Australia on selected dates, check out the site for more details

xox love, 

Festival Girl

Did you visit the craft Expo too? I'd love to hear what you thought about it?



  1. thanks for the pics...we had a good show, it was great to catch up with our local
    Syndey custmomers...Sofie from Scrapmatts..

  2. Craft Expo is totally new to Rosehill and is run by the same people who do the Craft and Quilt fairs, "expertise events".

    Stitches and Craft used to run shows at Rosehill and other venues but they are in liquidation... Everyone is confusing these organizers with the new show "craft expo" but they are different organizers, so it should be noted that of course different people will run their shows differently...

    Personally I thought Craft Expo was awesome and I cant wait for next year!


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