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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Craft and Quilt Fair 2011 Review | Sydney

Festival Girl Rates: 8.5/10

The Craft and Quilt Fair Sydney 2011 is always one of my favourite events to attend. The fact that the show is spread over a few days, gives you a really good chance to attend over the week.  I also love the plethora of craft stalls available, with many craft businesses coming from all over Australia. and all the exercise I get walking up and down the aisles discovering them. 

Walking around the pavilion, I explored a number of the new additions to this years show. I really loved the idea of the canvas competition, where fair subscribers were invited to decorate a supplied canvas using any crafts they wanted with 'Sydney' as the theme. This mosaic was then judged by the fair goers and had a $250 cash prize. Not only was there a cash prize, but you also got your art displayed at the show. I would have loved to take some pictures for you, however, I was advised that I wasn't allowed to take pictures.

Texstyle featured the best year 12 major projects of 2010 focusing on fashion, costume, textile art or furnishings. These students are mighty talented.  The tree of knowledge encouraged you to share your best crafting secrets with the craft community. The best entries should end up in the new book 101 Tips for Craft, which is to be published in 2012.

Seeing Kelani in the previous  Craft and Quilt Fair,  it's really nice to see her new designs, fabrics and these cuties...

Owl socks mobile

Such a beautifully illustrated cushion. I love the grass decor.

I spy with my little eye, something starting with Fabrics!

A collection of crochet flowers creates a beautiful blanket

Some of these lovely ladies learning to sew for the first time with the patient ladies of the Knitters' Guild NSW. Knitted flowers anyone? 

Anyone for dessert? Egg custarrd tarts, Oreos and pink frosted donuts

Mmm delicious savouries...

So cute! It must have taken years to create this master piece

What better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Knitters' Guild NSW  - I love this table setting that has all been knitted by the lovely ladies of the guild.

How cute is this knitted clock? 

Thanks to the sweetie Mio from Studio Mio for giving me tickets to the show in her facebook competition 

I love these fat quarters and there is a beautiful contrast between pretty pastels and spotty navy fabrics

I really like this display - there is just something about zippers that I cant get enough of

My favourite - beautiful geisha's using Japanese prints

Matching apron and handbag, adorable

Miss Rose Sister Violet and her quaint store offers her beautiful collection of antique lace, tea cups, ribbons and pretty flowers

I met the delightful owner of a new stall Rainbow Clay at the show

With a number of great points, its very light weight, durable and non-toxic and did I mention totally addictive. You can buy both the clay and the tutorial sheets on how to make some of these cuties.

Ah, its always nice to see a familar face from Posh Pendants!

How can I possibly choose?

 Uh-oh, accessory overload... Must. Have. Them. All.

If only the real Eiffel Tower were covered in jewels?

I heart these knitted beads. They almost look edible.

Anyone who knows me well, knows of my love of the Spanish culture. Let me establish, I'm not condoning the violence of bull fighting and I agree with a number of Latin American countries banning the sport. However the iconography of the tradition is breathtaking; from the colours, costumes and battle between the wild beast and the precise matador. This is a performance best left for the quilt.

A beautiful Spanish dancer with her stunning frilled red dress

These are some of the best 2011 Art U Wear competition entries. The theme was 'Circus Berserkus' and was originally apart of the Textile Art Festival that is held annually in Brisbane.

Such beautiful colours and textures by Kirry Toose

The circus is here

The Siren of the Sea is part Victorian lady, part jellyfish-mermaid, with glistening tendrils flowing over her skirt by Svenja. It's just gorgeous 

Lovin' the green and baubles

Grand works from Cathy Clur from Qld - presenting the ringleader woman.

The lovely wizard cape

I found this presentation really delightful as a select number of quilters designs were chosen and then made into sewing machine skins. 

A beautiful display of colour and design. Imagine having your own design on your own machine!

I thought this stall was really lovely contribution. In conjunction with the theatre show Breast Wishes, Bras have been donated and decorated by the lovely sewing ladies to create these master pieces. All bras will be displayed in the Glen St Theatre foyer during the Breast Wishes season and Bras will be auctioned silently during the season with all the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Hope to see you at the show next year
xox Love, 

Festival Girl


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