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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Petite People Presents Handcraft Market Review

Crystal Lloyd is one of Western Sydney's newest mumtrepreneurs. With a background in Event Management and a passion for craft and her own Petite 'Princess', she decided to create the Petite People Handcraft Markets for all the Princes and Princesses in Sydney. With 45 stalls and over 300 people waiting in queue before the Market's debut, I caught up with Crystal to talk more about the Petite People Handcraft Markets...


What made you start Petite People Handcraft Markets?

As a handcrafter of children s clothing and accessories myself, I found it very difficult to find enough markets to sell my goodies. Most markets that specialise in handmade items are located so far away that being a new Mum made them very difficult to get to. There is so much talent in Western Sydney and The Blue Mountains that was yet to be discovered and with a strong back ground in Regional Sales Management, Event Organsiation and Handcrafting I decided to combine all of my skills and start Petite People Handcraft Markets.

What kind of arts and crafts are on display and for sale?

Some of the things you will find at the Petite People Handcraft Markets are the cutest, funkiest, most gorgeous outfits, stylish bedroom decorations and furnishings, fun and fabulous toys, must-have accessories, shabby chic vintage-inspired creations, organic goods, jewellery, gifts and the list goes on and on.

What kind of response or feedback have you have received from the show stall holders or visitors?

Feedback has been extremely positive. The stall holders have commented that it has been one of the most organised and well marketed events they have taken part in. 95% of them were exceptionally happy with their earning for the day. Customers loved the market too. Dora was definitely a huge hit as well as the QV Skin Care Mummas and Bubbas bags. 2 things that we are working on for our next market will be the congestion issues and the lack of boys goodies. We were expecting a big crowd but not that BIG!!! Getting in and out of the hall was an issue so we have re worked the floor plan to allow much easier access.

What was your Petite People Handcraft Market highlight?

How to choose? I think seeing a line 300 people deep half an hour before we opened was a huge highlight. Standing on the stage and taking a photo of the hall 5 minutes after we opened. Seeing the kiddies go crazy over Dora. Seeing the smile on the stall holders faces throughout the day.

What can we expect to see at the next show?

Buzz Light Year will be doing a meet and greet with the kiddies between 11am and 12noon. Goodie Bag Exchange have put together 100 gift bags. I have a few other things up my sleeve that are not 100% organised yet so I do not want to give too much away.

Where do you see the markets in a year or two?

Without giving too much away I see Petite People Handcraft Market going to quite a few more locations around Sydney.

What's the best way to get involved in the next show as an exhibitor or visitor?

Head to our website read through our T and C's and submit and application form. If we do not have any spots left we will pop you on a waiting list until another position becomes available.

If you are interested to get involved as a stall holder or curious about attending the next event on May 1st, check out the Petite People site to find out more.

xox Love,

Festival Girl


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